Charlie Sheen knows how to party. In a six-month binge of cocaine and hookers, he reportedly spent $500,000, raising questions not only about his behavior, but also about the role of his employer CBS, which pays him an outlandish salary for his show, “Two and a Half Men,” and has done little curb his excesses.

Arguably, the corporation’s ability to act are somewhat limited, as long as Sheen shows up for work on time. And for the most part, he has. Sheen also has the right to spend his money anyway he sees fit.

But two of his choices– drug use and prostitution– are illegal.

His prolific partying comes at a time when a large part of the nation is struggling to make ends meet and is almost as grotesque as the Fatty Arbuckle’s scandal during the roaring 1920s. At least then, the nation was booming.
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A young starlet died partying with Arbuckle, Even though, ultimately, it was proved he  had nothing to do with her death, the scandal became a symbol of Hollywood immorality.

Fortunately, Sheen has escaped that fate. But for how long?

According to gossip site radaronline, Sheen’s has been indulging in near fatal amounts of cocaine and booze with a string of young girls.

The fact that nobody died before Sheen was forced into rehab after suffering acute stomach pains, may be nothing short of a miracle.

The “Two And A Half Men” star consumed mountains of cocaine and other drugs as he partied uncontrollably, sources within Sheen’s inner circle told the gossip web site.

“He spent a fortune… his preference is to smoke the cocaine,” a close friend said.

The star was ordering up to an ounce of cocaine at a time and would often go on Ecstasy binges while adding methamphetamine to the potentially lethal cocktail, the site reported.

“Charlie had a seemingly endless supply of eight-balls,” said one sourcek, slang for a potent drug cocktail consisting of an eighth of an ounce of cocaine (approximately 3.5 grams).

“Charlie’s nightly habit would be tens of thousands of dollars of drugs and two girls,” said one pal.

Any porn star or prostitute lucky enough to land in his orbit, reportedly cashed in on his largess. Sheen typically handed out $5,000 and $10,000 a pop to girls, and often more. “He even bought two girls cars.”

If any corporate executive were exposed doing the same thing, he or she would likely be fired immediately, or ordered to a long stint in rehab.

But CBS has been reluctant to do anything to jeopardize its hit comedy, which is a virtual cash machine. So in effect, the network has continued underwriting Sheen’s behavior. Would they if ratings were suffering?

While he’s instrumental to the show, he’s far from irreplaceable in the ensemble cast. CBS needs to head off this tragedy in the making, before it becomes an even bigger scandal.