Miley Cyrus Inks Her Body With Huge Fifth Tattoo 1Miley Cyrus is fast on her way to becoming a painted lady. She’s added a fifth tattoo on her body and this one is her boldest yet. The multi-colored design covers the right side of her rib cage.

Cyrus, who turned 18 in November, was widely criticized for her behavior while starring on the hit Disney show, Hannah Montana. But now all bets seem to be off.

Since she’s turned 18, she’s been caught on video smoking a bong, getting hot and heavy with boyfriend Avan Jogia in nightclubs and downing beers even though she’s still under age.

Another round of private photos also leaked onto the Internet, including one of her that was full-frontal nude, although it is now widely believe to have been faked.

The latest tattoo was spotted by the paparazzi when Cyrus ventured out in Hollywood, wearing a tee-shirt that exposed one side of her braless rib cage.

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The tattoo was clearly visible, and is her first legal inking. The legal age to get a tattoo in California is 18.

Her other tattoos are small, and mostly inconspicuous. She has a heart tattooed on one finger, the word “Love” inside one ear and the words “Just Breathe” under her left breast.

Cyrus also has multiple body piercings in her ears, belly button and nose.

Cyrus and her family caused a stir when she said they all planned to get matching tattoos.

Her half-brother, Trace Cyrus, is heavily tattooed.