German model Hana Nitsche, an also-ran on Heidi Klum’s German  “Next Top Model” show,  is carving out a high-profile career on her own. She’s the latest to be featured in PETA’s anti-fur campaign, which puts her in good company: Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone and Eva Mendes.

Nitsche, 25, poses naked, with the slogan, “Fur? I’d rather go naked!” (Check out previous PETA models here.)

Klum spurned an offer to appear in the campaign in 2008, according to the group, out of loyalty to Armani, which had featured fur in its winter collection.

Nitsche said she found Klum intimidating when she appeared on the show in 2007.

Check out Hana’s photos; click to enlarge.

“It’s such a strange feeling to stand in front of a model who always been your idol, and now she is a judge and criticizing you,” she told Fox411.

The PETA campaign made her nervous, she said. “You would not even believe it’s the same girl from the pictures,” she said.

Nitsche had a big breakthrough in Germany last summer when she was featured in the German edition of Maxim magazine.

The striking brunette has also appeared in campaigns for Herbal Essences and Maybelline.

Nitsche, who speaks three languages fluently, grew up in the Czech Republic on a farm. “We had chickens, pigs and sheep running around–it was almost like a little farm,” she told the Fox gossip site.

She’s been single for four years and has a definite type, “I like more exotic looking guys. Taller then me, great smile, mostly brown eyes, darker skin, more the Latin or Middle East-type. A bit saucy, a bit of a pirate,” said the 5’7″ model.