Kristen Stewart Ex Michael Angarano Pops Up in New Movie (watch) 1

Kristen Stewart, Michael Angarano in better times, 2008.

Kristen Stewart’s old boyfriend Michael Angarano, whom she threw over for “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, is starring in a new movie with Uma Thurman about a younger man who is infatuated with his 30-something step-mom.

Angarano (Almost Famous, Snow Angels) plays Sam Davis, an aspiring children’s book author, who convinces his former best friend Marshall (Reece Thompson) to spend a weekend with him to re-establish their friendship.

But Sam has other plans. He plans to infiltrate and break-up a wedding ceremony because he is in love with the bride, an older woman named Zoe (Thurman).
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The film marks the directorial debut of Max Winkler, 27, the son of actor Henry Winkler of sit-com “Happy Days” fame.

Winkler calls the film a “coming-of-age-story in reverse, the idea of a boy who thinks he’s a man and in the end, actually realizes that he’s just a boy.”

Be that as it may, the film’s real interest may be an over-riding curiosity in Arango, who dated Stewart for four years before she became famous in “Twilight.”

Angarano was often photographed at her side, until he suddenly dropped out of sight after rumors emerged that Stewart and Pattinson were becoming as hot off-screen as they where on-screen.

After that, Angarano dropped out of sight.

So the film will mark his re-emergence of sorts in the public eye.

It’s hard to draw any kind of conclusion about the kind of guy he is, but he must have a heart of gold, because his physical looks pale in comparison to Rob’s.

“Let’s just say, he comes up a little short of fab,” wrote E! online’s Ted Casablancas.

“Not to sound hugely superficial, but Michael looks like he could be Uma’s stuck-in-puberty stepson, and from what we saw in this trailer, it doesn’t look like his acting chops will help out with that height deficiency,” he snarked.

The movie hits theaters April 8. Check out the trailer below.