Lindsay Lohan to Face Felony Theft Charges -- Report 1Lindsay Lohan’s future is back under a cloud after a new report that she is facing felony theft charges in Los Angeles for allegedly stealing a necklace.

After spending three months in rehab in an effort to straighten out her life, and professing a desire to get back to work, Lohan could spend the next six months or more in jail.

Charges in the case will reportedly be filed Monday (Feb. 5), according to gossip Web site TMZ.

The police began an investigation of the alleged theft after Lohan was caught on video surveillance with the necklace in the store.

Then, photos surfaced about a week later showing her wearing a similar necklace. The jewelry store owner claimed the $2,500 necklac was one of a kind.

That touched off a stunning series of events, capped when a Lohan friend returned the necklace to the store following the TMZ report that she was under investigation.

But Lohan’s camp is already attempting to spin the story their way, claiming that Lindsay received the necklace on consignment. Lohan reportedly called the charges “bull sh*t.”

For her part, proving felony theft will be difficult for prosecutors, given the amount of time that elapsed between the time the theft took place and the jewelry store called police.

Lohan’s argument that she “borrowed” the necklace, a common practice among celebrities, could also make it difficult to prove theft beyond a reasonable doubt.

TMZ reported that Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was told charges are pending and broke the news to Lindsay on the phone Friday night.

If the charges are filed, Lohan will have to surrender herself to police or face arrest.

If convicted, she could face a maximum of 3 years in prison, the Web site said.