Black Eyed Peas: Super Bowl Halftime Far From Super (watch) 1The Black Eyed Peas ended up with black eyes after a lackluster Super Bowl halftime performance. They looked like they were walking through a rehearsal rather than the real thing. And was Fergie really singing?

The Peas were the first contemporary pop band to play since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake imploded in 2004 after a wardrobe malfunction exposed Jackson’s breast.

Too bad, someone didn’t rip off Fergie’s outfit. At least it would have injected some excitement and spontaneousness into the performance.

The Peas seemed to go out of their way to avoid any controversy. The net result was a fairly pedestrian performance, despite the special effects.
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Make no mistake, it topped Tom Petty from a few years ago, but even the over-the-hill The Who mustered more energy than the Peas.

The show opened well enough, with the Peas descending to the stage from trapeze like devices amid a crescendo of smoke and flashing lights. After that, technical problems plagued the performance.

Weirdly, during “I Gotta Feeling” Fergie’s mic appeared to cut off. But did they merely fail to bring the track up soon enough?

It suspiciously seemed so, although the odds are they were singing, given the roughness of the vocals.

In an equally weird change of pace, Slash popped up from the stage to play “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” But Fergie virtually shrieked the lyrics. Let’s just say she’s no Axl Rose.

Usher also made a surprise appearance to sing on “OMG” his song with the Peas. It clearly had the highest energy. If only he’d ripped Fergie’s outfit.

“So the Peas did not sound amazing, but they were very entertaining!” tweeted Perez Hilton, damning the show with faint praise.

In the end, the halftime show was a super spectacle, but it was far from a super performance.

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