Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Ad: Sex Sells (watch!) 1Kim Kardashian appeared in the only sexually charged Super Bowl advertisement in what was otherwise a strictly PG night that lacked controversy as well as spark.

Opening acts, Lea Michele and Christina Aguilera, both known for flagrant sexual displays, were demurely dressed.

Michele, who came under fire before the game for a racy pose in Cosmopolitan magazine, wore a long white coat, buttoned at the neck.

Aguilera, who also goes by her sexually charged name X-tina, was dressed in a casual business suit that contrasted with her platinum blonde hair and fiery red lipstick.

As for the much watched ads, the were heavy on special effects, but low on sexual quotient.
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In fact, CBS rejected an ad from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that showed scantily clad models in suggestive poses with fruits and vegetables.

The idea was to tout the desire of a vegan diet, but the ad was too sexually suggestive.

Enter Kim Kardashian.

She was pictured wearing a sexy black leotard with cutouts as the camera panned up and down her body.

It opens on the shirtless back of a man with Kim’s hands draped over his shoulders.

The ad cuts to Kim lying on her back letting out a pleasurable gasp, suggesting she’s just finished some heavy physical activity.

She speaks in double entendres that could easily be interpreted to mean she’s talking about sex. But no, she’s referring to her workout shoes.

It was the spiciest ad of the evening, and for that alone, it was a standout. Check it out below.