Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, normally pretty congenial about fan intrusions into their private lives, are now apparently drawing the line on fans who approach them for photos while they are out and about.

Rob and Kristen were on a dinner date at a restaurant in Baton Rouge, where they are filming “Breaking Dawn,” and refused to allow patrons to take their photos while at the restaurant.

If so, it would be a marked departure from their usual practices of tolerating photos when fans come up to them in public while they are not at some official event.

The Twilight couple were trying to enjoy a “quiet night out” at The Loft in Baton Rogue and they asked the management before they arrived to ask other diners to put away their cameras, according to E! News.
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Rob and Kristen showed up shortly afterward with Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz, and went upstairs to a private dining room, where the rest of the Breaking Dawn cast were finishing off their meal, the Web site reported.

“They all seemed a little tired, but were in good spirits,” said an eyewitness who saw them arriving around midnight.

Rob and Kristen spent the whole night together and “sat next to each other and really didn’t leave each others’ sides,” the eyewitness said.
During their meal, Rob touched Kristen’s back as they “shared playful giggles” and acted very much like a couple.

While Rob may be ducking fan photos, he’s apparently getting ready to do a photo spread with Vanity Fair magazine.

Graphic designer Jay Melilli tweeted yesterday (Feb. 6) that Rob would be appearing in the magazine soon.

Melilli tweeted: “Just finished the Vanity Fair photoshoot w/ Robert Pattinson & Annie Leibovitz! #soamazing!”

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