Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez reportedly went ballistic at Fox during the Super Bowl when he discovered that he briefly flashed on screen before 100 million viewers eating popcorn out of girlfriend Cameron Diaz’s bony hand.

Although the scene, which lasted all of one second seemed endearing, Rodriguez claimed that it was part of a vendetta on by a Fox cameraman, who was allegedly out to embarass him. Say What?

“He really went ballistic — thinking the cameraman was out to get them in a paparazzi-like shot. That’s so crazy,” a source told Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Such candid celebrity shots were featured throughout the game and included close ups of President George Bush and wife Laura Bush as well as former football commentator John Madden among others.

“A-Rod, of all people, should know that,” the source said.

Bush and his wife didn’t mind being on camera.

“Anyone who knows anything about producing a live sports event — especially something as huge as the Super Bowl — would know that those celebrity shots are purely random.

Rodriguez, who is apparently thin-skinned, demanded and got a guarantee from the network during the game that he and Diaz would not be televised again.
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“That’s one reason you saw so many shots of [former] President and Mrs. Bush. They didn’t seem to mind being shown on camera,” added the Fox insider.

For someone who objects to being caught on camera, Rodriguez has been a serial dater of celebrities ever since he divorced his wife Cindy in 2008, shortly after she bore his second child.

Rodriguez was rumored to be having an affair with Madonna, allegations they both denied.

Before that New York newspapers reported on several occasions that Rodriguez had frequented prostitutes.

He dated Kate Hudson in 2009 before moving on to Diaz, whom he’s been seeing for almost a year.

Watch the scene below: