Robert Pattinson Left Dangling for Cosmopolis Co-Star 1Robert Pattinson has been left high and dry once again without a leading lady for his upcoming film “Cosmopolis.” Keira Knightley, who was widely reported to be taking the role in the David Cronenberg film is out.

The film’s casting has become star-crossed ever since producer Alfama Films announced that Rob would be replacing Colin Farrell, who was originally cast in the role of Eric Packer, a young Wall Street tycoon who has a very bad day at the office.

At the time the switch was made early last month, Rob was supposed to be appearing with an all-star cast that included French actress Marion Cotillard as Rob’s wife in the film and Paul Giamatti, who will play a shady character in pursuit of Packer.
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Cotillard dropped out after becoming pregnant, just as Giamatti confirmed that he was definitely in, with plans to “stalk” the fair-haired Twilight vampire.

At 35, Cotillard was more age appropriate to Farrell, although slightly miscast, according to the book.

The character is supposed to be “in her mid-twenties, with an etched delicacy of feature and large and artless eyes.”

But just as quickly as Knightley surfaced as a replacement for Cotillard and appeared on the Alfama Web site, rumors began that she would not take the part.

Her name has since been removed from the site and her reps have confirmed “she’s not in it,” according to movie blog upandcomers.

Knightley, 25, recently finished filming “A Dangerous Method,” which Cronenberg also directed.

Keira, is currently starring in “The Children’s Hour’ alongside Elisabeth Moss, on stage in London. The show ends April 30.

“Cosmopolis” is slated to start filming May 23, but production definitely has to be up in the air at the moment.

So who will star opposite Rob in the film? Let us know who you prefer in the comments section below.