Lady Gaga made a grand entrance at the Grammy Awards, climbing out of an alien looking pod that symbolized her new song “Born this Way.” She danced and gyrated in a flowing sheer yellow skirt, see through top and a thick main of blonde hair that she snapped like a whip.

Gaga won Best Pop Vocal Album for The Fame Monster, two awards for her song “Bad Romance,” Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Short Form Video.

Gaga has been accused of borrowing heavily from Madonna’s iconic “Express Yourself,” and “Vogue,” but not much new about that.

Pop music tends to be deriviative anyway, and these days, artists borrow snippets of others’ songs in mash-ups. So consider it a tribute.

Gaga’s stage presence was overwhelming as usual, even though her choice of outfits was a tad more conservative than she wears on tour.

But, hey, it’s television, and CBS isn’t about to stick its neck out for artistic integrity and incur the wrath of the Federal Communications Commission.

Check out her performance here; click below to go to the video.

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