Sofia Black-D’Elia, who plays a lesbian teen on MTV’s controversial show “Skins,” acknowledges that the teen drama pushes the boundaries, and Elle magazine is pushing right along with it.

Black-D’Elia and cast mates Britne Oldford, Camille Cresencia-Mills, Eleanor Zichy and James Newman peel down to their underwear for the stylish Elle photo shoot by Creative Director Joe Zee and photographer Thomas Whiteside.

“It’s pushing the boundaries for teen drama because I think ‘Skins’ goes where other shows are afraid to,” Black-D’Elia said recently.
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She’s got that right. The unquestionably controversial show has sparked a national debate and caused some squeamish advertisers to jump ship. But the show is catching on because of its edginess.

Or as Elle reasons, “These kids do spend more on-screen time out of their clothes than in them. Who better, then, to model one of spring’s sexiest trends, innerwear as outerwear?”

MTV rolled out the show, a knock-off of a British series by the same name, in January.

Critics believe television has a tendency to legitimize social pathologies by creating an aura of cool, especially when the behavior is bad.

“These 16-year-olds pop pills like gummy bears, have unprotected sex (girls! And boys! Seriously, not okay!), and commit countless other sins,” the magazine says.

“It really is so much easier to dash out the door when you’re wearing the outfit you slept in,” the magazine notes.

And who does that better than teenagers, or at least the fictional kind that inhabit MTV’s Skins? Check them out below: