Bethenny Frankel Shock; Reveals Abusive Obsession 1Bethenny Frankel, who wrote a book about being naturally thin, now confesses that she spent most of her life starving herself, binging on laxatives and using fad diets to stay thin.

The startling revelation comes after Frankel says she’s gained control over her diet obsessions.

“Until my early thirties, I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” Frankel, 40, says in the new issue of Us.

She blames her past problems on her poor, suffering mother, from whom she is estranged.

“There was a lot of food obsession and diet obsession and being-thin obsession [in my home during childhood,” said the reality television personality.

“My mother was very beautiful and very thin,” Bethenny recounts. “Being thin was very important to her and part of her identity. I also wanted to be thin.”
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Bethenny said she was sent to a weight loss camp at the age of 8.

But her mother has called her high-profile daughter a life-long liar.

Bethenny, who wrote the best-selling diet book Naturally Thin, claims she got her eating disorders under control in her 30s.

Today, the 5’6″ Frankel says she weighs 115-pounds. She shocked health advocates when she rapidly lost weight after giving birth to her daughter.

Bethenny, who’s married to Jason Hoppy, 39 (whose occupation is unclear), is considering another baby.

“Jason does so much for me, and it’s something he really wants,” says Frankel. “Also it’s addictive, this little-baby phase.”

Yikes, another addiction?