Justin Bieber Breaks Bad, Again, on CSI (watch!) 1Teen sensation Justin Bieber returns to CSI on CBS tonight (Feb. 17) and picks up where he left off last time he was on the show — blowing things up!

In the first episode, he bombed a funeral. “Sounds but yeah, I bombed a funeral.”

“It’s a really cool show. I like the show myself. And, I wanted to do something that’s going to be challenging for me, and it’s definitely been challenging,” Justin says about his guest appearance in a promo clip.

Fans may not approve, but Justin definitely plays the bad guy. But he’s down with it.

“I’m not a bad person, so it’s funny to play a bad person,” he says.

OMG! They call Justin a punk!

Justin’s dream role, however, would be a comedy with Will Ferrell. Elf II!

Check out Justin talking about his role. Catch the show tonight!