Justin Bieber Turns 17! Hair for Sale on eBay! (bid here!) 1Justin Bieber plans to spend his 17th birthday enjoying cheesecake with his beloved grandmom, while his hair is causing waves on auction site eBay, where it’s up for sale.

Bieber, who turns 17 on March 1, can’t party all night because his grueling 115-city My World tour kicks off March 4.

“I only have, like, four days [to celebrate], so I’m just going to relax,” Justin told ET (Feb. 24). “No birthday bash [because] I start my world tour — so just going to mentally prepare and just relax.

“Hopefully my grandparents will be out here and I’ll be able to spend time, a little bit, with them. My grandma makes the best cheesecake — cherry cheesecake. She made that for my 13th birthday.”
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Bieber, who recently made headlines for getting a shorter haircut, also raised eyebrows for stating he opposes abortion and casual sex.

Justin, whose squeaky-clean image has won him legions of young fans around the world, says it’s important for him to be a positive role model.

“I have such great people around me and such good family,” he says. “I just want to be a good role model to people, and to be able to just make good music.

“I’m going to make mistakes, but it’s about learning from them and becoming better. My movie [Never Say Never] shows that anything is possible and dreams do come true.

“Remember to always stay humble and always be gracious and anything can happen.”

Bieber, who recently cut his hair and donated it to charity, says he wanted a change.

“I just wanted to [cut my hair], that’s all,” he says. “I didn’t want to cut it all off, but I had had it for three and a half years. I had just gotten sick of it, it was in my eyes. I didn’t want it in my face, I just wanted to change it up.

“You know, the fans really liked it, but they’ll like me no matter what, because I think it’s about the music. I’m really excited to see what the fans overseas think and take it day by day.”

Bidding on Justin’s charity hair auction ends on March 2nd at 10:32 p.m. PST on eBay. Right now 61 bidders have raised the asking price to $7,000 for the lock of hair he presented to Ellen De Generes.

Check out the bidding at eBay Justin Bieber Hair.