Jerry Seinfeld Free to Joke, Again, About 'Wacko' Chef 1Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is in the clear to make fun, again, of a chef who sued his wife for allegedly plagiarizing her cookbook, then sued Jerry for lampooning her in a television interview.

A judge has dismissed the lawsuit against Jerry Seinfeld on Friday (Feb. 25).

“(The) decision is a complete victory for Jerry – and also a victory for the First Amendment and the right of comedians to tell jokes,” a lawyer for Seinfeld said.

“The decision also vindicates (publishers) HarperCollins and Jessica Seinfeld yet again, confirming what the two different federal courts have already ruled: Jessica independently created her bestselling book, Deceptively Delicious,” the lawyer said.

Chef Missy Chase Lapine initially sued wife Jessica Seinfeld in 2008, claiming Seinfeld’s bestselling cookbook “brazenly plagiarized” Lapine’s earlier book, “The Sneaky Chef.”

During the dispute, Jerry Seinfield appeared on the “Late Show With David Letterman” and jokingly called Lapine a “wacko” for pursuing the case.

But Judge Marcy Friedman dismissed the complaint, after concluding that the star was clearly joking during the interview.

The plagiarism suit was dismissed in a lower court and on appeal last year.