Ke$ha Video for 'Blow' Shows Her Whimsical Side (watch!) 1Ke$ha has born the slings and arrows of critics since her debut single, but there is no arguing with success. She shows a new confidence in her latest video for the song “Blow,” a whimsical fantasy.

The song is off her I Am The Dance Commander-I Commander You To Dance The Remix Album will be released on March 22.

The new video is whimsical and gives a leg up to James Van Der Beek who’s been off the charts since his days on “Dawson’s Creek” with Katie Holmes.

Meanwhile, Ke$ha’s debut album Animal has gone multi-platinum.

She has sold 18 million combined tracks and ringtones in the U.S and 23 million worldwide. “TiK ToK,” her breakout single has sold more than 8.5 million tracks and ringtones combined.
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If that’s not enough to silence the critics, Ke$ha’s “Get $leazy” tour, her first as a headliner in North America, is selling out venues across the country.

The tour kicked off in Portland on Feb 15th and ends in Las Vegas on May 7th and supports Cannibal her companion album to Animal. They are being sold separately and together.

As for Van Der Beek, he isn’t looking a gift horse, or is that unicorn, in the mouth.

“It wasn’t really by design, necessarily. You’re kind of lucky enough when you’re part of something that hits or catches on in popular culture, and all of a sudden people are asking you to play “You,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“I try not to take myself too seriously. Maybe I’m the only idiot who gets these things suggested to him.”

He’ll play an exaggerated version of himself, again in the ABC pilot “Don’t Trust The B**ch In Apt. 23.”

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Ke$ha Ke$ha
Ke$ha Ke$ha