Can Lindsay Lohan Be a Bankable Star, Again? (video) 1Lindsay Lohan is talking the talk about getting her life back on track, but whether she can convince movie studios she’s a bankable — and reliable — again, remains to be seen.

The 24-year-old actress, who was a rising star as a teen after working for Disney, saw her career go into a tail spin as she spun out of control partying virtually non-stop.

Her behavior became increasing erratic and irresponsible until she was arrested for drunk driving in 2007.

All of her legal problems are related to that arrest, and her failure to carry out the terms of her probation.

She damaged her career even more after she became involved in a tempestuous lesbian affair with DJ Samantha Ronson, ruining her image as a romantic lead in movies.
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Lohan, however, finally, under a court order, entered the Betty Ford Center last September.

Her time there included allegations of scuffling with an counselor. She finished the program in January only to be slapped with felony theft charges for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Even thought the charge is pending, Lohan told Extra, she is determined to get her life back on track.

“I feel great. I feel happy. There’s always bumps we have in the road and as long as I’m focusing on the one thing I know I need to put first in my life, which is my recovery and stuff, then I’m doing good and that’s important to me,” she said.

When asked whether she thought she could get work again, she

“I think that’s that something I will be able to say when I’ve taken the steps I need to take to prove that I can be insurable again.

“I think that will come in time that I will be in the position to say that because I don’t think I am right now,” she said.

The interview airs tonight (Mar. 1). Check out the video below.