Megan Fox in Nothing But Perfume for Armani (photos) 1Megan Fox continues to inflame passions in new photos repping for fashion house Emporio Armani. And she continues to tease with near nude poses, this time for an Armani fragrance.

Fox was in New York last week working on her new film, “Friends With Kids,” with Mad Men actor John Hamm.

They filmed in the Bronx and headed to the ski slopes in upstate New York for more footage. But her racy work for Armani is grabbing all the attention.

In the latest campaign she appears in a new television ad posing semi-naked with a male model.

Check out Megan’s photos; click to enlarge.

Megan Fox in Nothing But Perfume for Armani (photos) 2Megan Fox in Nothing But Perfume for Armani (photos) 3Megan Fox in Nothing But Perfume for Armani (photos) 4

Los Angeles’ night skyline provides a backdrop for the photos, and Fox appears to be posing next to a pool.

The man is wearing a tuxedo, but strips. Megan is also seen naked wrapped in a black sheet showing just her back.

In the ad, Fox is supposed to reflect the sensuality and mystery of the Armani Code Woman, according to Linda Cantello, an Armani stylist, who made up Megan’s looks.

“The signature red, Rouge d’Armani 400 and Luminous Silk Foundation N° 2 add smoulder to Megan Fox’s porcelain skin,” said Cantello in a statement.

“The laser cool blue of her eyes is accentuated by the modern smokiness of mixing two shades of eyes to kill intense eyeshadows (N° 2 and N°11). Finished with eyes to kill excess mascara (N°1). Her look is drop dead seduction.”

Armani says Fox’s scent is a “sexy, femme fatale kind of perfume – a woman’s mysterious code of seduction revealed.”

Fox has also repped for Emporio Armani Underwear as well as Armani Jeans. She replaced Victoria Beckham.

Her movie is due out next year.

Check out the full Armani ad below: