Miley Cyrus 'So Under Cover' Gets Distribution Deal 1Miley Cyrus may have left Disney behind, after a successful run as “Hannah Montana,” but she’s found a new place to hang her budding movie career. The Weinstein Co. has acquired the distribution rights to her film “So Under Cover.”

It is likely the first of what could be several collaborations as Cyrus transitions to more adult film roles and more mature music performances.

Her new action comedy, in which she plays a street-smart private detective hired by the FBI to go undercover at a college sorority, will hit theaters in October, when schools are back in session, the company said.
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The film, directed by Tom Vaughn (“What Happens in Vegas”), is sure to include lots of racy sorority scenes as Cyrus puts together her case. It also stars Jeremy Piven, Mike O’Malley and Kelly Osbourne.

“We’re excited to be working with Miley Cyrus as she transitions from child phenomenon to grown-up star,” said the Weinstein Co.’s David Glasser in a statement.

“She’s got charisma and talent to burn, and ‘So Undercover’ shows her to be a deft comedic actress.”

Cyrus most recent big-screen star turn, romantic drama “The Last Song,” with Liam Hemsworth, grossed $89 million globally, a respectable sum that makes it a winner by any measure.

The Weinstein company was apparently unfazed by Miley’s recent hijinks, including being filmed at a private party at her house, smoking a bong, allegedly filled with salvia, a mildly hallucinogenic, but legal herb.