Justin Bieber Sorry for Flipping Off Paps; Selena Horrified 2Justin Bieber, who seems as sweet as cotton candy, showed a nasty streak after giving photographers the finger during a date with Selena Gomez. Now he says he’s sorry.

The Bieb was on a dinner-date with Gomez to celebrate his 17th birthday in Los Angeles, when he was surrounded by photographers leaving restaurant, Maggiano’s, which undoubtedly tipped his presence there.

As Bieber tried to pull away in his car (yes he was driving!) he held up his middle finger as photographers snapped away.

Gomez looked horrified as she held her hands over her face. Was she hiding from the paps or was she worried Beiber’s nasty behavior would stain her squeaky clean image?

Clearly feeling remorse, Bieber later Tweeted: “Had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and I reacted in a way I know better. I’m sorry,” he wrote. “It’s not always easy, but I know better than to react in anger.”

After photos of the incident surfaced, rumors spread that Gomez was hiding her face because she had been punched by an angry Bieber fan.

But Gomez’s rep told People that is “absolutely no truth” to the rumors, although Gomez’s lip reportedly looks injured in some of the photos, according to MTV.