John F. Kennedy Jr. a Reckless Risk-Taker, Tantric Sex Obsessed 3John F Kennedy Jr., who bore the legacy of Camelot, was a reckless risk-taker whom his mother, Jacqueline Kennedy, feared would die in a tragic accident. And, a new memoir by a girlfriend reveals just how much the Kennedy scion pushed the limits.

Former girlfriend Christina Haag, who dated JFK Jr. for five years, recalls knocking back monster marijuana joints in Jamaica, nearly drowning while kayaking at sea and Kennedy’s obsession with tantric sex.

Vanity Fair magazine is slated to print excerpts form her memoir, “Come to the Edge.”

Haag said John Jr., the eldest son of former president John F. Kennedy, cheated death twice while she was with him, but his luck ran out in 1999.

That’s when the plane he was piloting with his wife Carolyn Bessette , 33, and her sister Lauren went down off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in the early evening.

Kennedy, 38, who only had 50 hours of flying time, none of it on instruments, lost his bearing as night fell.

He could not see the horizon to keep his plane level and became disoriented. The plane plunged into the ocean in what pilots call a death spiral.

Kennedy was not qualified to fly a plane by “instruments only” and took a tremendous risk flying the plane solo so close to dusk.

John F. Kennedy Jr. a Reckless Risk-Taker, Tantric Sex Obsessed 4

Author Christina Haag recalls her time with John F. Kennedy Jr.

His mother had refused to let him fly while she was alive. But she died in 1994 of cancer and he took up flying, despite her wishes, after her death.

His death was attributed to the “Kennedy Curse,” which allegedly led to the deaths of prominent Kennedys in tragic ways.

His father and uncle Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, and other family members have died tragically.

Haag met Kennedy years before in college. They dated for five years in the 1980s.

In 1995, Kennedy founded George, a glossy politics/lifestyle monthly magazine that poked fun at politics, including his own family.