American Idol Bloodbath: Singers Chopped to Final 13 (video) 1“American Idol” moved to the bloodbath round, its first live show of Season 10, and narrowed down contestants to the final 13. The an emotion-filled show saw the judges add a surprise wild card. Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina were the top performers.

One of the 13 contestants will be crowned the new American Idol. The first 10 finalists were chosen after 40 million votes from the public.

The 14 contestants who were rejected by popular vote competed for the wildcard slots.

Scotty McCreery was the first contestant to join the coveted round of 10 popular winners.


American Idol Bloodbath: Singers Chopped to Final 13 (video) 2
Scotty McCreery
James Durbin
Stefano Langone
Jacob Lusk
Casey Abrams
Paul McDonald

Pia Toscano
Lauren Alaina
Karen Rodriguez
Thia Megia
Haley Reinhart
Ashthon Jones
Naima Adedapo
Haley Reinhart

Both Toscano and Alaina also cruised through to the final 10. Karen Rodriguez was the next to join them.

Then, it was back to the guys. Jacob Lusk made it. Then, it went back to the girls, and Thia Megia, a Randy Jackson favorite, whom he compared to Michael Jackson, was tapped.

Haley Reinhart was the final woman picked by public voting and Paul McDonald made the elite group as well.

James Durbin, who impressed the judges on Tuesday night, also won a spot.

After hearing six of the rejected 14 sing again, the judges chose Naima Adedapo, Ashthon Jones and Stefano Langone as their wild cards.

Exiting the show are Kendra Chantelle, Jovany Barreto, Jordan Dorsey, Clint Jun Gamboa, Tim Halperin, Brett Loewenstern, Robbie Rosen, Lauren Turner, Ta-Tynisa Wilson, Rachel Zevita and Julie Zorilla.

From this point on, the shows will be live and the contestants will go head-to-head to make the final rounds. The next round of performances will air Wednesday (Mar. 9).

Check out the show below: