Katie Couric Does Fake News in Funny or Die Parody (watch) 1CBS News Anchor Katie Couric drives another stake into what used to be called the Tiffany Network with her parody of investigative reporting on the Web site Funny or Die.

With lots of little kids and terminally cute Katie, its seems hard to go wrong. But the clip will likely be cited by future historians as another example of the decline and fall of Western culture.

Network news used to be taken seriously, as did the news business in general. But today, the evening news is nothing more than another entertainment show, and no one blurs the line quite like Couric.

From her stiff appearance on Fox’s hit show “Glee” following the Super Bowl, to her Funny or Die video, Couric seems determined to dabble in “entertainment.”
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She tweeted about making the video extensively on her Twitter page.

Ironically, Couric’s Twitter bio reads as follows: “True journalism separates fact from fiction. Passionate about discovering what makes the world tick. I’m a Journalist, Anchor, Single Mom.” Add to that comedian.

In fact, Couric has always been a showbiz wannabe.

She was the voice of news-reporter Katie Current in the U.S. version of the film “Shark Tale.”

Before “Glee,” she guest-starred as herself in 1992 on the CBS sitcom “Murphy Brown,” and in the NBC sitcom “Will & Grace” in late 2002.

She also had a cameo role as a prison guard in the 2002 Austin Powers film “Goldmember.”

The parody investigation probes whether it’s possible to “shake your sillies out” a la a popular childrens’ song.

To make matters worse, or funnier, depending on your view, CBS News lends its logo and signature show opening to give the video an air of reality.

Interestingly, the parody comes at a time when Al Jazeera’s English news broadcast is gaining credibility over traditional network news because of its serious, straight-forward approach to reporting.

The network should give up the pretense and change the name from CBS Evening News to the “Katie Kouric Show.”

The showbiz wannabe surely wouldn’t mind.