Robert Pattinson gets a few more tantalizing moments on screen in the new “Water for Elephants” international trailer, which debuted over the weekend. It has a few surprises compared to the domestic version.

At two minutes and 42 seconds the new trailer is about 20 seconds longer the clip released for domestic consumption in the United States.

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Both open with Rob’s character, Jacob Jankowski, walking along a desolate railroad track at what looks like dawn.

But the international version includes commentary from Rob’s character at the outset before cutting to the school scene.

“I had a new life all planned,” Jankowski says in what sounds like the voice of Hal Holbrooke, who plans Rob at an advanced age.

Then it cuts to a scene with his parents hugging before seguing to the classroom scene.

“Then with the opening of a door, every plan I had vanished,” the voice continues.

The voice over continues throughout the clip and adds an extra dimension.

There are also subtle changes in the scenes. The Rob throw-up scene in the domestic trailer has been cut from the international version.

Instead Rob is seen running in the dark.
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There are different touches like that throughout the clip. About 48 seconds into the clip the scenes change entirely.

It presents a slightly different take on the movie, which is based on the historical novel by Sara Gruen.

Jankowski is 93 when the movie opens and he recounts the story about his time with the circus in the Great Depression.

The young Jacob, played by Rob, is hired by The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth circus.

He falls for the wife ( Reese Witherspoon) of the show’s cruel animal trainer, August. played by Christoph Waltz.

With no other relatives, that sets him off on a journey to find himself. He leaves veterinary school and rides the rails until he hooks up with the circus.

It also shows he laying eyes for the first time on the boss’s wife, played by Reese.

Mutual admiration quickly turns to passion, and Rob quickly falls for Reese. The trailer shows a few fleeting scenes of them embracing and staring longingly in each other’s eyes.

The trailer portends plenty of conflict and action between Rob and the boss, as he expresses his love for his wife.

The movie will be released to theaters on April 22. Check out the trailer; click below to go.

And, check out the domestic trailer here.

Also, check out Rob’s screen stills from the trailer.