Dramatic NYPD Video of 9/11 Attack Released (watch!) 1A New York City Police helicopter flying above the flaming Twin Towers after airliners slammed into them on Sept. 11, 2001 captures the dramatic scene on video from a view never seen before. ‘Holy shit! That’s it, biggest disaster in the world, right there,” the pilot exclaims in disbelief.

Nearly 3,000 people died during the attack by suicidal hijackers who had commandeered airliners loaded with passengers and fuel and slammed them into the buildings.

The video was released to the public today (Mar. 7) for the first time since the attack occurred. It had been kept under wraps for nearly a decade as part of the official investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center’s towers.

The 17-minute film was shot from less than 300 feet above the burning towers. The footage was posted by a Web site called Cryptome along with a series of pictures taken by NYPD helicopters.

It had been locked up in the vaults of the National Institute of Standards and Technology until it was released through a request under the federal Freedom of Information Act

The video clearly shows the top floors of the towers engulfed in fire and smoke. The helicopter lands briefly, then the scene cuts back to the air after the south tower has collapse.

The pilots and crew are astonished.

“The whole side! It’s gone, it’s the whole tower. Holy crap!” says one of the pilots.

“They knocked the whole freaking thing down! The other one’s going to go. Holy…holy crap. The whole tower’s down.”

“Holy God damn, they did it. The second tower fell,” someone on board says.

Check out the video below; warning graphic footage.