Lindsay Lohan look gregarious and chatty as she swept around a jewelry store, according to newly released portions of a surveillance video. The clerk seemed fully engaged as the actress tried on various items before walking out wearing a necklace.

The store, Kamofie & Co, has since claimed that Lohan stole the $2,500 necklace; Lohan claims she only borrowed the jewelry on consignment.

But she has been charged with felony theft and faces a certain jail sentence if convicted.
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The 45-minute video is one of the most significant pieces of evidence in the case. The store’s four security cameras chart Lohan’s every move on the night in question, Jan. 22.

But is it convincing evidence of guilt and will the jury ever get to see it?

The store owner sold the video to the Associated Press, which licensed it to gossip show “Entertainment Tonight.”

The show began airing pieces of the video last night (Mar. 7).

So far, the snippets revealed don’t provide convincing evidence that Lohan was out to steal the necklace.

By selling the video and making it public, the store owner has also jeopardized the case by tainting his motive for bringing charges.

Lohan is due in court on Thursday, when her lawyer will tell a judge whether her client will accept a plea deal.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz has asserted that any plea deal will include jail time.

Store spokesman Christopher Spencer said the video footage was sold so it could be made public and clear up “mischaracterizations” about its contents.

“With regard to the question of Lindsay Lohan’s guilt or innocence, we repeat that Kamofie and Company never gave permission to Ms Lohan to remove the necklace from the store,” Spencer said in his statement. “The rest is up to the jury.”