Bradley Cooper has quickly emerged as the next Hollywood It Guy, thanks to his ripped physique, boy-next-door charm and impressive film resume.

In the movie Limitless, which opens March 18, 2011, Cooper plays an unemployed writer who becomes rich and successful beyond his wildest dreams after taking NZT, a fictional experimental drug that enables him to use 100% of his brain capacity.

So, would Bradley consider taking such a pill if it actually existed?

“In a heartbeat,” Cooper, 36, tells the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fortunately, Bradley probably doesn’t need such a pill because he’s already super-motivated. Cooper learned to work hard at an early age because he wasn’t the popular stud as a kid.

“I never lived the life of ‘Oh, you’re so good-looking,’ ” Cooper says. “People thought I was a girl when I was little, because I looked like a girl.”

So when the athletic 6’1″ Bradley was cast in the 2010 action film The A-Team, he hit the gym hard to gain the rippling physique expected of solider in the Army’s elite Special Forces unit.

‘I F*ckin’ Loved Training for A-Team’

“He worked really hard—and I mean really hard,” Joe Carnahan, director of The A-Team told Details.
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“He was training with the M4 machine gun and he got proficient really fast. Scary fast. There was a part of Bradley that wanted to deploy to some far-off point in Yemen and do battle with Al Qaeda.”

While most people hate grueling diet and workout regimens, Bradley embraced the process.

“I f*ckin’ loved it,” Cooper says. “I rowed crew in college, and it’s very much the same thing—you feel like you’re part of some other mechanism.”

Limitless, which co-stars Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish, hits theaters March 18.

Samantha Chang is the co-owner and executive editor of TheImproper and a writer at Examiner.