Tamra in the tub with EddieOrange County housewife Tamra Barney pushes the envelop on the reality series that spawned a host of big city knock-offs. She filmed a racy bathtub scene with boyfriend Eddie Judge, and inadvertently (or not?) flashes her breast.

Leave it to the “Real Housewives of Orange County” to spice things up. A host of Bravo spin-offs in New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Miami are now all competing for viewers’ attention.

But the original show is the first to broadcast such an intimate scene, involving two unmarried people naked together in a bathtub.

Orange County fans got their first glimpse of Tamra’s new boyfriend last night. The fetching blonde is already pronouncing the relationship the real deal.

Tamra calls Eddie into the bathroom and invites him into her candle bedecked bubble bath. Eddie strips and climbs in.

Eddie splashes around and eventually ends up on top of the 42-year-old blonde.

He pulls her up to kiss her, momentarily exposing her left breast– call it a Janet Jackson moment from the 2005 Super Bowl.

In the voice-over, Tamra calls her her ex husband’s best friend her “soul mate,” adding “Who wouldn’t want to hump him? He’s so humpable.”

Oddly, the nipple slip is visible in a preview and also appeared on air during the broadcast.

But it looks like it has been edited out of a clip of the scene appearing today on the Bravo Web site.

The next episode from season six airs on March 27 on Bravo. Check out the two versions below.

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