Superheros Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson Kick Off Super (watch) 1Spunky Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson walked the red carpet Monday (Mar. 22) for the premier of their indie comedy film “Super,” a send-up of super hero films that charmed audiences at South-by-Southwest.

The James Gunn-directed film is about a hapless Frank D’Arbo (Wilson) who becomes superhero Crimson Bolt.

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Wilson is a short-order cook in a diner who creates the masked hero to rescue his drug-addicted wife played by Liv Tyler.

Like all good superheros, Crimson has a sidekick, Boltie, played by Page.

It’s “equal parts love story, portrait of mental instability and raucous comic-book-inspired action picture,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

It’s also been described as a “Juno”-meets-“Kickass” hipster flick.

It premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and screened at SXSW earlier this month. The premier was held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Page, and co-stars Tyler and Nathan Fillion were at the premiere along with Mikaela Hoover, Greg Ingram and Michael Rooker.

Aerosmith frontman and new “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler was also on hand in support of daughter Liv.

The film opens in limited release April 1, and will expand to other venues depending on its performance.