Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral appears to be the next target of hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church, after church spokeswoman Margie Phelps went on a twitter rant denouncing the Hollywood star for her AIDs activism.

“Anyone trying to pretend No RIP Elizabeth Taylor is anywhere but in torment in hell #stoprightthere – get over your lying mean self & OBEY,” Phelps tweeted, calling Taylor an “adulterous fag hag.”

The comments provoked a sharp reaction from friends and supporters of the Hollywood actress.

“Elizabeth spent her whole life fighting for what’s right, and it looks like it will be no different now that she’s gone,” a close friend of the actress told E! News.

Taylor was one of the first high profile Hollywood figures to advocate on behalf of AIDS victims at a time when gay actors, such as her close friend Rock Hudson, closely guarded their sexuality.

Hudson died from AIDS.

“The only thing that would sadden Elizabeth about this protest was she still wasn’t around to fight the ignorance and hate that still exists,” the friend said.

“But she need not worry. We have all her friends and family to continue her work for her.”

Rev. Fred Phelps, who heads the church, has been drumming up publicity for their views by picketing more than 800 funerals with hate-filled signs.

The chruch’s protests are protected by the First Amendment because they constitute free speech.

Taylor began her work as a spokesperson and fundraiser in the struggle against AIDS in the early 1980s, according to the organization she established, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Her determined outspokenness was indeed controversial. At the time the Reagan administration refused to do anything to address the crisis.

Her AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) dinner was the first major AIDS benefit ever held. This support marked the debut of her public commitment to raising funds and awareness for AIDS, according to the site.

For this, the Westboro church claims she will “rot in hell.”