Serena Williams' Buns Too Hot for Television (watch!) 1Tennis ace Serena Williams served up some hot buns–her own– for television, but the advertisement for Top Spin 4, a tennis game made for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, has scorched game maker 2K Sports.

On Monday (Mar. 21) Williams gave fans a head’s up that an “awesomely sexy video,” was on the way. ” I am tweeting later,” she added.

But it never materialized on Twitter, according to the New York Daily News. Here’s why.

In the 60-second commercial, Williams wears a clingy black, bondage-style, outfit that shows most of her ample rear end.

She faces off on a tennis court against actress Rileah Vanderbilt, whose outfit is every bit as BDSM and every bit as revealing. She’s dubbed “the world’s sexiest tennis gamer.”

The clip jockeys between a real game and a virtual game, but graphically, it looks like soft-core porn.

Williams flashes ample skin during the game.

“You realize this is a fantasy right?” Williams says at the end.

As it turns out, game maker, 2K Sports, decided against airing the ad after concluding that it was a bit too racy for television.

But Vanderbilt uploaded it to herself on YouTube and tweeted a link to it on Monday. Not long afterward, it went viral.

Since then, both Vanderbilt and 2K Sports have been back pedaling furiously.

“As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues,” 2K Sports said in a statement.

“This video is not part of the title’s final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorized.”

“It’s all good. I can’t get into it,” Vanderbilt Tweeted.

Check out the hot spot below. Let us know what you think in the comments section.