The public has taken control of “American Idol” and sent judge’s favorite Casey Abrams packing in last night’s wildly unpredictable show. Haley Reinhart, who’s been on the bubble wasn’t even in the bottom three.

The judges were just as shocked as Abrams, and quickly rode to the rescue. But in the process, they used their only save of the season. Was it worth it?

“This is crazy wrong,” said judge Steven Tyler, who echoed Randy Jackson’s and Jennifer Lopez’s feelings. “We made a decision here to keep you on.”

The judge’s action, however, means that a double elimination must take place somewhere later in the season.

Last night (Mar. 24) was a moment of melodrama that has made “American Idol” worth watching in seasons past. And, for a moment, it was great to see it recapture some of its old magic.

While the public was ready to write off, the judges had other ideas. Casey had no sooner started singing his save song, “Don’t Need a Doctor,” when Jackson jumped in and stopped him.

“Stop, we know who you are,” Jackson shouted.

Could the public be that far off it in its judgment?

After all, the contest is about becoming the next American Idol, and obviously singing counts. But what about other factors, such as stage presence, likability and looks?

Abrams is clearly no Justin Bieber. At times, he’s come off as being goofy and other times smarmy. Maybe being consider the front runner from almost the first show went to his head.

Whatever the case, he got a real reality check.

He looked totally shocked by the decision, and afterward his hands were visibly trembling. He hugged Ryan Seacrest and sank to his knees after being saved.

“Are you kidding, are you kidding,” he said, fumbling over the words.

“We just want you to get back to being the musician you are,” said Lopez. “Just let people feel your soul.”

But now there is no more saving contestants from the Fox show’s flawed voting system. The public will signal thumbs up or thumbs down for the remaining contestants.

In another big surprise, two men entered the bottom three for the first time. In addition to Casey, boy crooner Stefano Langone joined teen contestant Thia Megia.

Langone may be suffering from the same perception as Abrams. He just doesn’t seem to have the Idol presence, while Megia continues to fight herself. Her age shows.

In any event, for the first time this season, American Idol had some real drama.

Note to public: Keep up the good work. The show returns next Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.

Check out the drama below.