First Look: Will Ferrell Debuts on The Office (video) 1Will Ferrell and Steve Carell share an awkward moment when NBC’s hilarious “The Office” returns for four more episodes next month. The show will mark a watershed for the popular sit-com as Carell gets ready to depart.

For seven seasons Carell has played boss, Michael Scott, a branch manager of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. Ferrell will debut as an interim manager and will be joined by show creator Ricky Gervais.

“Ricky is back as David Brent for the last episode of the series where he will be vying for the manager’s job,” NBC said in a statement. “But in typical David Brent style he won’t make it easy for them to hire him.”

Gervais created the show in Great Britain before it was imported to the United States.

The network released a short preview of the April 14 show. Ferrell meets Carell and opens up his arms, beckoning Scott to give him a hug.

But the taciturn Michael just doesn’t have it in him, until Will turns his back. Then, it’s a full-on embrace backwards!

Ferrell will star in the last four episodes this season, which ends in May 5 with Carell’s final appearance.

Despite Carell’s departure, NBC has re-upped the show for an eighth season.

The show simulates the look of a documentary, with only a single camera to film the action. No audience or a laugh track accompanies the show.

Rainn Wilson, who plays sycophant Dwight Schrute, also stars in the ensemble sit-com.

Check out the clip below