Christina Aguilera Parties Like Rock Star in Private Photos 1Christina Aguilera knows how to party like a rock star and has the photos to prove it. Unfortunately, the private snaps, which show her in number of sexually provocative poses with her new boyfriend and getting frisky at Nicole Ritchie’s bachelorette party, could be hitting the Internet soon.

The photos were apparently taken on Aguilera’s personal camera and were contained on a digital storage card found in a French hotel.

This is the second time that private photos of the singer have made their way to the Internet.

Other photos, that went viral last year, pictured her in near nude poses in her private dressing room.

The finder is now shopping the latest photos to Web sites that pay for gossip, including radaronline, which reported being contacted by the seller. (For the record, TheImproper does not pay for news).

The photos are all relatively recent. They were taken between June to Nov. 2010, according to time stamps. Aguilera split from her husband of five years, music producer Jordan Bratman last year.

The unnamed seller said he found the card discarded in an upscale hotel room where Aguilera and current boyfriend Matt Rutler had stayed.

Radaronline reported that it had viewed 109 of the photographs, 15 of which were taken on Sept. 17, 2010 at Richie’s bachelorette bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Christina Aguilera Parties Like Rock Star in Private Photos 2

Aguilera is seen drinking, smoking a cigar and posing with Richie at the party, while other photos show her kissing passionately at different times and in various locations and laying in bed with Rutler.

Beside embarrassing herself, Aguilera’s camera also contained a photo of Richie, who married rocker husband Joel Madden in a bikini near the beach with a blow-up male doll strapped to her.

Aguilera is also in a photo with two naked strippers performing at another bachelorette party. In another photo Aguilera mimics oral sex on a chocolate-covered banana and is snapped dancing on a table.

The behavior isn’t all that shocking and apparently none of the photos are x-rated. But it’s embarrassing, nonetheless, because they are intimate and obviously something she did not intend to publish.