Robert Pattinson will go to town on Kristen Stewart in a racy “Breaking Dawn” love scene (providing it makes the movie) that shows Edward Cullen in a heaving embrace with Bella Swan on their Honeymoon.

The scene has raised eyebrows in more ways than one, first because of Rob’s and Kristen’s off-screen relationship and also because of speculation over how the scene will affect the movie’s PG-13 rating.

If the clip is any indication, it won’t show much of Kristen until post-coitus. The 13-second clip that went viral on the Internet today (April 1) shows Robert’s back, shielding her body.

Check out Rob and Kristen’s screen shots.
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Hey! Is this an April Fool’s joke? Could be, consider the source: Perez Hilton. And, be forewarned.

Two screen shots have also surfaced online, however, and they appear to be the real deal.

They are steamy but reveal no more than you might see on a beach or afternoon soap opera on tv. Summit Entertainment Tweeted the photos yesterday and later removed them.

Ironically, the clips and video leak coincides with shooting this week of Edward and Bella’s wedding and reception.

Last night (Mar. 31) Rob Kristen, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, and others went out for a cast dinner.

Rathbone teased Stewart about wedding dance moves and Stewart seemed “adorably anxious” about having to shoot them, according to one report.

Rob and Kristen were said to be affectionate but not over the top. Flirty kisses, inside looks and smiling, and familiar touching like “two people who are close and comfortable with each other.”

Chances are Rob and Kristen have had plenty of rehearsal time for the following scene. Check out the video; click to go.