Gleekster Jenna Ushkowitz has joined castmates Lea Michele and Dianna Agron on the sexy side of the school yard. She’s in racy BDSM photos! What would nerdy Tina Cohen-Chang say on the hit Fox show “Glee?”

One thing is certain, high school was never like this, and Ushkowitz is sure to get a tongue lashing from conservative parents groups, who think Glee is far too provocative for its young teen audience.

Michele and Agron caused an uproar when they posed for sexy photos in GQ magazine. Conservative parents groups protested heatedly.

Ushkowitz, 24, shows the flip side to her innocent school girl Glee image in a photo shoot by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

He’s shot numerous starlets in various stages of undress, including Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Cavellari and Zachary Quinto.

What’s remarkable about Ushkowitz’s photos is the heavy BDSM theme. She’s pictured with a whip and lying in submissive poses in black leather boots.

In one photo she’s drenched in water. Or is it something else?

The photos were shot early (really early) Friday (Apr. 1) on a street in a rundown area of Los Angeles. Call it squalor chic.

Jenna, posed for the shoot after working on the Glee set for 16 hours. What ever happened to labor laws?

“Who knew a 30 minute power nap at 11pm and a red bull could keep you up til 5:30 am? … finding out the hard way ha!” she Tweeted.

Shields also thinks she’s a great sport.

“Jenna Ushkowitz is amazing and she subscribes to my Adventure over sleep campaign!’ he posted on his Web site.

New “Glee” episodes being on April 19.

Meantime, Check out Jenna’s photos; click to enlarge.