Charlie Sheen Slams Denise Richards; Cleveland Cheers (video) 1Charlie Sheen turned nasty misogynist last night as he keeps searching (desperately?) to give meaning to his one-man show. In his latest shtick, he bashes ex-wife Denise Richards, the mother of two of his children.

He incited his audience in Cleveland with a nasty chant “f**k that bitch” and encouraged them to join in. Many in the audience did, sending thunderous echoes through the venue.

Oddly, Denise, who has custody of daughters, Sam, 7, and Lola, 5, has been as supportive of him as she can under the circumstances.

She has even refrained from criticizing his binges of drugs, alcohol and whores. But she has adamantly refuses to let him near the kids.

As a result, Sheen, 45, has slammed her as a “traitor”, a “vile kidnapper” and a “dog thief.” Seems she has the pooch, too.

Sheen ended his show to a standing ovation, his second since his disastrous start in Detroit. He was booed off the stage there, and dozens of people walked out, turned off by his incoherent rants.

Since then, he’s been trying to revamp his show to make it more appealing to audiences.

In Chicago, he talked more about his background growing up in Hollywood and held a Q&A for audience members.

But Sheen’s anti-female tirades may ultimately win him an audience, at least among men.

Who hasn’t felt wronged by a woman at some point in their lives through a divorce, breakup or otherwise?

To keep the money flowing, Sheen is also trying to trademark his catchphrases, such as “TigerBlood,” “Defeat is not an option” and “Duh, Winning. ” Obviously, he’s shooting for branding and licensing opportunities.

Meanwhile, the show goes on.