Tina Fey Has Some Breaking News: She's Pregnant! 2Tina Fey has a baby on the way. Fey, who is married to Jeff Richmond, announced that she is five months along with their second child. And she broke the news on Oprah.

Fey, 40, who stars on the NBC comedy “30 Rock” has a five year old daughter, Alice, with Richmond.

The comedian and actress is promoting her new book Bossypants and an upcoming Saturday Nigh Live reunion.

That could explain why Fey has worn loose fitting clothes on the television show and in recent appearances at celebrity events like The First Annual Comedy Awards late last month.

She and Richmond have been married for 16 years. He largely stays out of the limelight. Fey has described him as “a Dudley Moore type, shorter than I am, with a very handsome face.”

How another baby will affect her flourishing career is unknown. Fey has talked in the past about the demands of parenthood.

“I never really believed it before, but when you have a child, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to do anything,’ she said. “Basically, any free time that isn’t spent looking after our daughter or working goes on sleeping”