Eva Longoria Flashes David Letterman on His Show (watch!) 2Eva Longoria knows how to get David Letterman’s attention. She dropped in on his show last night (Apr. 6) to hawk her new book and ended up struggling to keep her tight jacket from popping open.

Longoria, who recently divorced from NBA star Tony Parker, has been revamping her image lately, dressing sexier and dating Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz, 25, more than 10 years her junior.

Longoria was well aware she was sexily dressed, and so was Dave. “Wow, whoa,You look tremendous,” he said, clearly talking to her breasts.

“I wore a tuxedo for you,” she told Letterman.

Oh, my, I guess you did,” he shot back. “Or part of one.”

Eva looked stunning in the skimpy, navy blue outfit, which included hot pants, a jacket and that’s about it.

Dave was uncomfortable from the get go, and it got crazier from there. Her jacket kept gaping open, and Longoria, of course, was wearing no bra.

Apparently she also didn’t anchor her jacket to her boobs with body tape. Viewers at home could clearly see and ample portion of her breasts as she sat facing Dave.

About three minutes and 20 seconds into the interview, Dave could no longer contain himself after a button popped open on her jacket.

“Oh lord,” Dave moaned. “We’re going to lose our liquor license, I know it.”

“I’m a lot more exciting than Don Rickles,” Longoria said, as Dave cast down his eyes and opened her book.

The “Desperate Housewives” star was promoting her new cookbook, “Eva’s Kitchen,” and talking about her future on “Desperate Housewives,” where she’s just re-upped for two more seasons.

Check out the video below.