New Evidence in Biggie Smalls Murder Points to Ex-LA Cop 1Rapper Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls and “The Notorious B.I.G.” was gunned down by rare armor-piercing 9mm bullets, according to newly released FBI files. The evidence raises questions, once again, about the possible involvement of a corrupt police officer in the murder.

At the time, East and West Coast rappers were engaged in a nasty feud. Many believe the beef led to the murder of West Coast rapper Tupak Shakur and in retaliation, the murder of Smalls.

Wallace, 24 when he died, and Shakur were two of the highest profile rappers, representing their respective coasts. Both cases remain unsolved.

Wallace was gunned down outside the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles after he’d climbed into a black GMC Suburban. Shakur had been killed about six months earlier.

The killer pulled up along side Small’s car in a black Chevy Impala and fired five shots through the door of Smalls’ SUV.
Wallace, struck several times, died within the hour.

The bullets are considered a key piece of evidence because they are rare. Only two manufacturers make them, and similar ammunition was found in the home of former LA police officer David Mack.

Mack had been drummed from the force after his conviction for a $722,000 armed bank robbery in LA in 1997. He served 14 years in prison.

Police who raided Mack’s home found the same Gecko 9mm ammunition used in the Smalls shooting and a black Chevy SS Impala parked outside behind his house.

Investigators also found what they called a “shrine” to Shakur in Mack’s house.

Mack reportedly had connections to Marion “Suge” Knight, the founder of Death Row Records. Shakur was signed to the label, and Mack reportedly had worked as a body guard for Knight.

Despite all the obvious signs pointing to the ex-police officer, and indirectly to Knight, investigators never point them together.

The FBI files also fault the Los Angeles police.

“LAPD has also never matched the ammunition found (location redacted) during the search after the bank robbery with the bullets used to kill Biggie,” according to a 2002 FBI document obtained by New York Daily News.

The LAPD is continuing its investigation, according to reports. Mack denies any part in Wallace’s murder.