Sexy Taylor Lautner's Unusual Path to Next Big Action Star 1Breaking Dawn hunk Taylor Lautner is set to become a bona fide action star in the upcoming thriller “Abduction”.

In the film, released April 7, Taylor is seen running hand-in-hand with co-star Lily Collins, 22. A trailer from Abduction will debut on MTV April 13.

Lautner, 19, took an unusual path to acting stardom. As a child, Lautner was a martial arts expert whose karate instructor helped him get his foot in the door in Hollywood at the age of 9.

“I was doing martial arts and my karate instructor was involved in the business and he’s the one who got me started,” Taylor has said. “He was actually the Blue Power Ranger for a year.”

As a child, the athletic Lautner — who plays (and watches) football, baseball and basketball — competed in karate tournaments, and was the junior world Karate Forms and Weapon champion at age 8.

From Karate Champ to Action Star

Taylor, who famously gained 30 pounds of muscle for the Twilight saga, became an overnight teen idol after flaunting his rippling 8-pack abs in 2009’s New Moon.

Lautner, who’s constantly asked by fans (and magazine editors) to take off his shirt, remains modest about his newfound beefcake status.

“I’m just lucky enough to be playing Jacob, the guy that doesn’t wear a shirt, and I think all of that love is going toward Jacob, not me personally,” he says.

Lautner has said he would love to be an action hero like fictional superspy Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon), and when Abduction comes out he’s certain to be on his way.

Abduction hits theaters in September 2011.

Samantha Chang is the executive editor of TheImproper and a celebrity writer with Examiner.