Charlie Sheen Razzed, New Yorkers Torpedo His Show (video) 1Charlie Sheen learned the hard way that New York City can be a tough town. He was booed and heckled during his one man show last night (Apr. 8) at Radio City Music Hall. Even his Yankee hat and jersey couldn’t save him.

After failing miserably in his initial outing in Detroit, Sheen fared better in Chicago and Columbus, Ohio.

He blew into New York Thursday (Apr. 7) night with a 15-member entourage, including “nanny” Natalie Kenly, 24, and Rachel Oberlin, 24. who works as a porn actress under the name Bree Olsen.

A third woman has also reportedly joined his harem, Megan Levant, 26.

He set up camp at the Trump Hotel, reserved 12 rooms and a kingsize bed “big enough for three” for himself, according to gossip site radaronline.

But if Sheen was hoping for a kingly welcome at his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” show, he must have been sorely disappointed.

The crowd was rowdy and dismissive. It almost seems now that many just went for the chance to boo and heckle, in what’s becoming a blood sport between him and his audience.

The was some ominous foreshadowing when Sheen drew raucous screams and applause and a scattered standing ovation as he took the stage.

He wasn’t far into his presentation when a large section of the crowd began heckling him. Security ejected several audience members. His Q&A session, which went over well in Columbus, also drew boos and taunts.

The former “Two and a Half Men” star was even booed when he said he’d quit drugs after his cocaine and alocohol binges had landed him in the hospital twice.

Kenly and Olsen also joined Sheen on stage, but the unruly crowd wasn’t appeased. Sheen ended the show 30 minutes early to a mixture of applause and boos.

He’s slated to do the show again Sunday (Apr. 10) night.

He invited Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre to join him on stage to “work this sh*t out.” But Charlie shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for him to show.

“I love you New York… you’re the best crowd ever. Well, some of you,” the actor said afterward.