Helen Mirren Gets Felt Up on Saturday Night Live (watch!) 2Helen Mirren added some lift to an otherwise flat outing for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Nasim Pedrad and Kristen Wiig even got to squeeze her breast, famously featured recently with Mirren was photographed on the beach in a bikini.

“Can I touch ‘em?,” Pedrad implored. Turns out he could

The 65-year-old British actress also pole-danced, got in on a little girl-on-girl action and played Mary Shelley the famous author of Frankenstein.

Although the skit wasn’t hilariously funny or pointed, Fred Armisen was good as Frank Stein, Shelley’s landlord, on whom she supposedly based the book.

Mirren got to kiss a girl in another skit that was a spoof on the controversial Katie Holmes mini-series, “The Kennedys.” Only this one was based on President Franklin Roosevelt.

Mirren plays wife to the president, Eleanor Roosevelt, a rumored closeted lesbian. In the skit, she kissies up to Marilyn Monroe, played by Abby Elliott.

Mirren as played a ill-tempered Julie Andrews who stabs a stagehand after he fails to put the right milk in her tea. The skit featured Andy Samberg as Wolverine star Hugh Jackman.