Britney Spears Ups Dancing in New 'Til World Ends' Video (watch!) 2Britney Spears, perhaps responding to criticism about her performance in the original “Til the World Ends” video, has released a new version that showcases more of her dancing.

“Just saw the final cut of the dance version of the #TTWE video. Not sure which one I like best?” she Tweeted to fans.

The original video was set in an underground cave following an apocalyptic devastation of the earth.

It had high production value, but Spears appeared to be going through the motions in the dance routines.

She is notably heavier, some reports say she weigh as much as 155 pounds, and appeared sluggish and awkward.

A Web site released a video comparing the clip the her previous performances, which highlighted how much her dancing skills had eroded.

In the video, titled “Old Britney vs New Britney,” the Web site contrasts recent clips to earlier performances, such as “I’m A Slave For U” at the 2001 MTV Awards and her 2003 video for “Me Against The Music.”

Some of the wilder blog claims asserted that she used dance doubles in her recent videos. But her dancing is so bad that seems unlikely.

The new version cuts the apocalyptic scenes and adds extended footage of her dancing.

Spears is on the verge of launching her Femme Fatale tour.