Nicolas Cage Taunts Police, Arrested For Shoving Wife 1Nicolas Cage, who has been increasingly spiraling out of control in recent months, was arrested in Louisiana following a blowout fight with his wife Alice Cage. The actor allegedly taunted police to arrest him.

What started out as a rowdy domestic dispute escalated after Cage, visibly drunk on a New Orleans street, began arguing loudly with his wife, according to gossip site TMZ.

A passing cab driver reportedly called the police when Cage started shoving his wife.

When the police arrived on the scene they offered to escort the “National Treasure” actor to back to his hotel. But Cage started taunting them.

“Why don’t you just arrest me?” he repeatedly said. (Is this a cry for help?)

TMZ reported that Cage was charged with disturbing the peace and domestic violence, which could send the actor to jail.

His wife has asked police not to press charges and claims she was not assaulted.

Cage was previously married to Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley. He’s been married to Alice for six years and has a son, Kal-El, 6.

Cage began spiraling downward after he ran into significant financial trouble last year, for which he sued his business manager, Samuel Levin.

Nicolas Cage Taunts Police, Arrested For Shoving Wife 2

Nicholas Cage mug shot

Levin maintains in a countersuit that he repeatedly advised Cage he was overspending on a buying binge that included yachts, Rolls Royces, a Gulfstream jet and 15 homes.

He was also rocked by the death of his father in 2009.

Last December, Cage was caught on video in a violent rage outside a hotel in Bucharest, Romania. He was there filming a movie.

“Get in that car and walk away. I’ll fuc*king die because of honor. I’ll fu*king die right now,” he screamed at to passersby, who were trying to calm him.

In March, he was involved in a shoving match in a New Orleans bar and had to be escorted back to his hotel, according to gossip site radaronline

He was not charged in that incident.