Reese Witherspoon Talks Robert Pattinson on GMA (watch!) 1Robert Pattinson “Water for Elephants” co-star Reese Witherspoon appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and told host Robin Roberts that working with Rob was helped by the fact that he is “super cute.”

The two actors actually had a connection before they started filming the Depression-era story about a love affair between a young veterinarian student (Pattinson) and the wife (Witherspoon) of a cruel circus master played by Oscar winner Christolph Waltz.

Rob and Reese acted together in the 2004 movie “Vanity Fair.”

“I didn’t realize that you all had been in a movie before, but that his part got cut out,” said Roberts.

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“I didn’t realize that either until one of my girlfriends said ‘I was reading this article about Robert Pattinson and it said you played his mother in a move,” she said laughing.

“I was 27 playing 40,” she added. (At the time, Rob was 18.)

“So we already had this kind of natural rapport,” Reese said. “We laughed about it.”

Unfortunately, all of Rob’s scenes were cut from the film.

As for Water for Elephants, “We had a great relationship. We just kind of joked around all the time. He’s a great guy,” Reese said.

“He’s sweet and he has a super-nice family.”