Robert Pattinson was the talk of New York City today (Apr. 19) as he made the rounds of New York talk shows to promote Water For Elephants, his new film with Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Adding to the evidence of his off-screen relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, his Water co-star Donna Scott confirmation that Rob and Kristen Stewart are together.

As if further evidence is needed, Rob was spotted giving Kristen a kiss in the back of a car after the film’s première on Sunday night (Apr. 17).

“He obviously loves his lady very much,” Scott told OK magazine.

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“He was so lovely from the very beginning, very open about sharing stories of his life and his family. He loves his family very much,” she said.

In the movie, Donna’s character kisses Rob’s character.

“It was wonderful. It was very sweet. My character’s bawdy, so it was a lot of fun to get to do that, and I think his response to me being bawdy was genuine… It was perfect,” she said.

With all the buzz around the movie and Rob in an non-vampire role, Pattinson says he is ready to move on from “Twilight.”

Rob’s character in “Water for Elephants” is named Jacob, and he admits he never realized the coincidence with his “Twilight rival Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner.

“Literally, I’m such an idiot. I only realized that when I was promoting it. I’d never even thought about it because he’s called Jacob Jankowski, and it was a bit of a different realm for me,” he said.

“But everyone’s like, ‘But you play Jacob…are you two-timing yourself?’ That doesn’t even make sense,” Rob said.

Witherspoon also revealed over the weekend that her sex scenes with Rob in Water for Elephants “generated electricity.”

In the wake of the premiere, Rob was all over the talk shows. Check them out as well as some photos of Rob meeting with fans.