Katy Perry Lights up American Idol with ET Single (watch!) 2Katy Perry lit up “American Idol” last night with a dazzling rendition of her single “ET” that also managed to showcase one of her biggest assets, her curvy figure.

Wearing a hip-hugging bodysuit laced with pink LED lights, Perry played off the alien theme of her latest video for the song, directed by Floria Sigismondi.

Kanye West who sings a chorus on the song and appears in the video rocketed into “American Idol” as well.

But what was with the pod? Hasn’t that already been done? In fact, it has.

Lady Gaga introduced the pod for her space-themed performance at the Grammys in February.

Space seems to be a widespread theme among pop stars. At least Katy’s pod was different.

In any event, Perry was carried on stage by backup dancers dressed in equally alien body suits and masks.

She channeled Ziggy Stardust for the themed performance, and climbed into her pod at the end of the song.

Check out the video below.