Angelina Jolie Puts Exotic Beauty to Work for Vuitton 1Oscar winner Angelina Jolie is the new face of designer Louis Vuitton and will make “close to $10 million” in the lucrative print ad campaign, according to various reports.

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson have all repped for the line.

Jolie, who recently launched a jewelry line called “Style by Jolie,” will appear in the ads beginning this summer, according to E! News.

Angelina has been photographed frequently through the years sporting Louis Vuitton bags, so her selection as a spokesmodel isn’t surprising.

While Angelina, 35, hasn’t publicly confirmed the news herself, a source says the mom of six will get paid “close to $10 million” for her high-end endorsement deal.

Jolie, who reportedly donates one-third of her earnings to charity, recently returned from a United Nations humanitarian visit to Tunisia, where her star power almost caused a riot.

Last year, Jolie signed her first major endorsement deal with St. John, and the campaign recently ended.

The global ad (print only) campaign will reportedly be shot by Annie Liebowitz, who has handled photo duties for the brand for a number of years.